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Servicenow Tool Belt extension

Servicenow Tool Belt is a set of tools for Firefox and Chromium based browsers designed to help the ServiceNow administrator or developer in his every day tasks.

Install the extension

You can download & install the extension for your browser from the store:

Mozilla Add-on Chrome Web Store

Privacy policy

This extension (the “app”) only saves in the storage area of your choosing (local or browser provided cloud) your instances and instance related preferences :

  • friendly name
  • favicon color
  • hidden true/false
  • collpased true/false

ABSOLUTELY NO DATA OR PERSONAL INFORMATIONS ARE STORED ANYWHERE ELSE. All data can be deleted by the user at browser level. When usingthe browser specific sync feature, the responsability of the data is in hands of the browser editor.

This project is open source and comes with no guarantee.

Servicenow Toolbelt purpose is to help Servicenow administrators and developers by offering a better navigation between their instances and development tools.

Issues? Suggestions?

See you on github!